About the area

The traditional village “Paralia Sergoula” is located at the end of the homonymous beach.

The 1.5 km beach includes “Ampelaki” and “Platania” two beaches of outstanding natural beauty with crystal clear waters, pebbly shore with trees to the touch with the weight and the grace of their history.


Two kilometers north of Sergoula, at “Rogkia” there are ruins of an ancient fortress and five minutes south of the village, the sources “Bonanza” in a magnificent area with plane trees and the mill of the late C. Guillotine offer a fast hiking getaway filled with mystery.


Gorge Sergoula along the river Polystafri, starting with the newest art monument of the watermill Venetis built in 18th century, is an important natural monument and attracts many walkers and tourists in all seasons.



Paralia Sergoulas- Arachova: 46 klm

Paralia Sergoulas – Kalavryta : 40 klm

Paralia Sergoulas – Patra : 33 klm

Paralia Sergoulas – Nafpaktos: 22 klm

Paralia Sergoulas – Galaksidi: 40 klm

Athens – Nafpaktos: 220 klm

Thesseloniki- Nafpaktos: 458 klm